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Italy, Venice – New Passengers Hub E-mail

The new Passengers Hub of Venice, the third airport in Italy for number of passengers. The area, with a surface of 53.000 indoor square meters started its activity in the year 2001 and welcomes more than 6 million passengers every year.
The aim of the project was to build the infrastructures for the new passengers hub in the Marco Polo Airport in Venice, including the roads and the organization of the commercial area around the airport with passengers traffic of 5 MAX/PA
The works included 20.500 cm of excavation, 35.000 linear meters of foundation piles with a big diameter, 50.000 cm. of plain concrete and more than 7,5 millions kilograms of steel.
Moreover, 55.000 square meters of floor, 26.000 square meters of masonry, 25.000 square meters of false ceiling, 10.000 square meters of front and glass frames have been installed and also 7000 square meters of street paving.