Mission E-mail

The website of Grandi Lavori Fincosit – where we’re welcoming you – aims at providing an updated and precise image of our company for the Public Administration, public and private customers, suppliers, banks and also for the young people and professionals who would like to get in touch with a big construction corporation. A company that was born at the beginning of the twentieth century and that is now numbered among the best Italian companies in this sector, specialized in the shipping field and the building infrastructures one.
Our mission is to meet, complying with the regulations in force, our customers’ needs regarding the quality, the costs and deadlines and assuring at the same time the economic balance of the company and the workers’ safety.
Our values are the market ones; a market meant as correct competition, technological growth, developments of professional skills, respect for the culture and social habits of the areas where we operate.
The quality certification, the subscription for unlimited amounts to a lot of general and specialized SOA categories, the qualification of general managing and checking procedures, make the heritage of a company that is willing to exploit its tradition to successfully face the fast and deep changes that have been overwhelmingly showing up on the market.