Infrastructures: Case History

“TRAM DI FIRENZE” – The tram system in Florence – Civil works related to the Line 2 E-mail


By deed of assignment of 30/10/2013 Grandi Lavori Fincosit SpA  has acquired the business unit called "Tram di Firenze" belonging to the company "Impresa SpA" including a share of the holding in the aforementioned Tram di Firenze SpA (Project Company assignee,  by the Municipality of Firenze,  of the Grant of design, construction and operation of the tramway of Florence, as well as the participation in the J.V. of Companies which are: Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni Soc. Coop (Mandataria) and the executing Companies:  Consorzio Toscano Costruzioni  CTC Scarl,  Di.Cos. SpA, Ciet Impianti SpA, Ansaldobreda SpA, Ansaldo STS SpA, Alstom Ferroviaria SpA, Alstom Transport SA, Sirti SpA and finally, the transferor by Impresa SpA.
Thetram systemin Florencecurrently consists of threelines :
  • Line 1 - Firenze SMN – Scandicci (already in operation since February 2010);
  • Line 2 – Peretola – Piazza della Libertà ( with extension up to Castello/University Centre);
  • Line 3 – 1st Lot – Careggi – Firenze SMN ( with extension up to the new Mayer Hospital);
  • It is also in the process of finalizing even the Line 3 – 2nd batch.
The tram system in Florence has the following main features:
a)     The rail of the tramway is always separated from the roadway;
b)     Pedestrian crossings equipped with traffic lights;
c)     Tram station equipped with covered docks and information sign;
d)     Silent rails;
e)     Damping platform to prevent vibrations;
f)       State-of-the-artvehicles and equipped with maximum comfort.


Share work amounted to:  90 million Euros approx.