Sea Works: Case History

Tempa Rossa - Upgrade for the handling of crude oil E-mail

Tempa Rossa - Logistic upgrade for the handling and transfer of crude oil

The project consists of constructing, according to best practice, the expansion of structures for the crude oil storage terminal on the Mar Grande site in Taranto.
The terminal is situated on the Mar Grande in Taranto in the zone between the IV Peninsula (to the East) and Punta Rondinella (to the West).
The terminal dates from 1965-1966. The transfer terminal extends into the sea for approximately 1000m and consists of a jetty in reinforced concrete 700m in length with 2 mooring station platforms (platforms P1 and P2) and these are also made of reinforced concrete. The jetty is linked back to the land by a rock causeway of about 350m in length.
The project provides for the extension of the existing jetty in a south-easterly direction by roughly 500m, the construction of a third mooring station, P3, for the shipment of crude from Tempa Rossa and its related mooring structures.
The new mooring station platform is to be linked to the P2 platform by extending the jetty.
The P3 platform is to be provided with approach docking on the Eastern side for the mooring of vessels with a minimum of 30,000 DWT to a maximum of 80,000 DWT partially lightened to 46,000 DWT to export crude from Tempa Rossa.
The moorings at the P3 platform are to be provided with 6 in number of mooring bollards and 4 in number of finger bollards for approach docking.
The maximum depth is approximately 11 m. at the lowest astronomical tide, allowing access to vessels with a maximum draft of not more than 10 m. All the structures and extensions and superstructures are to be made in steel.