Sea Works: Case History

Italy, Vado Ligure (SV) – Multifunctional Platform E-mail


LAVORI FINCOSIT S.p.A. – on behalf of its Customer A.P.M. Vado Terminal S.p.A. ( Maersk Group) – is engaged with the execution of the project of the multifunctional platform with a total surface of about 211.000 square meters and it’s made of a rectangular area on the sea side 290 m x 700 m wide and a grounded area with a trapezoidal shape with minimum dimensions on the ground side of about 95 m.
The platform will perform the following tasks:
• host a terminal container with an annual handling capacity, running at top revs of 720.000 TEU, including the docks, the deposit areas, the access controlled structures, the service buildings and the installations;
• work as the main infrastructure to host the reorganization of two already existing activities that is the handling of oil and combustible oils (Petrolig and Esso Italiana) and the other terminal activities.
The dock of the terminal container is located on the South-East side of the platform and is 700 m long and 60 m wide, including the cranes areas and the “hatch covers” storeyard. The dock’s bottom is around -15 on the sea level; behind the dock there’s an area of about 120.000 square meters (around 190 m x 650 m ) dedicated to the storing and handling of containers.
The Terminal Rinfuse’s dock is located at the beginning of the platform (on the North-Eastern side). It is 290 m long and 30 m wide; the dock’s bottom is always deeper than -15 m on the sea level.
The access is guaranteed by the service road, with two lanes that are 9.6 m wide and connected to the Via Aurelia; on the same road the functional buildings for the loading and downloading activities are located (substation, offices and workshop).
The oil companies’ dock is located on the North-West side of the platform, it is 330 m long and 20 m. wide.
The minimum dock’s bottom is -12 m on the sea level and the access from the ground is guaranteed by the service road from the Via Aurelia, shared with the Terminal Rinfuse.
From the structural point of view, the platform is surrounded by an area of 10,5 ha, supported by concrete cellular cassions or by embankments covered with stones and by an open area that is an area resistant to currents and wave motion of 10,6 ha, made of prefabricated scaffoldings and plain concrete upper slab that is laid on reinforced concrete pillars on cellular cassions.