Infrastructures: Case History

Italy, Lauria (PZ) – Motorway A3 Salerno - Reggio Calabria E-mail



Within the modernization of the whole section of the Motorway A3, ANAS S.p.A. is making a number of important works to strengthen the road connections North-South thus improving the links with Europe.
G.L.F. s.p.a. is working on what is called Macro Lotto 3 part 1, entirely on the territory of Lucania, specifically the section from Lauria Nord up to the boundaries of Calabria for about 9 kms.
Among the most important works, we can list the natural galleries with two tunnels, the longest one along the entire section, Serra Rotonda, 3.800 meters long, the viaduct Caffaro with pillars and steel scaffoldings and lights up to 120 meters and “stand” pillars. The cost for the intervention is 400 millions.