Infrastructures: Case History

Italy, Milan – Railway connection - Venezia Tube Station E-mail


The Venezia Tube Station of the railway connection in Milan s an outstanding work, either regarding the dimensions and the design or the construction choices.
Because of the new and technically advanced solutions that were used, the making of this work asked the Cooperative in charge with the project a great organizational effort.
The good outcome was confirmed by the interest being shown by the Italian and foreign experts of underground works.
The railway Connection System of Milan aims at linking all the railways already existing thus assuring an integrated transport network in the urban area. The network crosses the whole town at a depth of 20 meters and develops for 18 kilometers with 10 stations among which six are underground and four outdoor.
The main entrance to the station is in Piazza 8 Novembre. It is an area of 700 square meters of which 400 are used for the control of the traffic and users and 300 for the technological installations. The entrance has got a shape of an irregular octagon and it’s covered by a dome with a skylight; it is connected with the external area by means of three stairs blocks and a lift
A number of other important elements are included in the lot and they make the functional parts of the station.