Civil Building: Case History

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Grandi Lavori Fincosit S.p.A. is engaged with the building of this area, located in Genoa Sampierdarena, near the WTC, it covers a surface of about 3000 square meters developing on 9 levels and covered by a terraced garden from which three towers will be visible. One is a residential building and another one is a directional area, they both have 12 internal levels, two covering levels and a third one, directional, with 14 internal levels and two covering levels.
The entire area is about 100 metres high and around 56.000 square meters wide and 3.600 square meters of SLA dedicated to the commercial and running activities and around 6.500 square meters dedicated to the living units, 300 parking lots and the archives and parking for the Municipality of Genoa, in compliance with the set Agreement.