Sea Works: Case History

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Harbour of Savona – Boselli Dock. City plan of the Savona area, Lot n° 4
The works concern the completion of the High Depths Basin of the harbour of Savona. The works are described as follows:
• extension of the Boselli dock for a whole length of 128,64 ml, by means of 4 reinforced concrete cellular cassions having the following dimensions: 32,06 x 11,10 x 15,50m on a diving shaft made of quarry tout-venant flattened on the surface with coarse crushed aggregate 50/80; the diving depth is –15.00 m on the sea level.;
• Closing of the head of the projecting element for 130 ml by means of 3 cellular cassions with semi-reflecting facing measuring 24,62 x 12,09 x 16,00 + 1 cassion measuring 32,00 x 12,09 x 16,00, plunged at a depth of –15.00 m on the sea level and filled with sand on the ground side and partially with lean cls for the central row and for the one on the sea side, equipped with communication holes;
• Completion of the high sea bottom of the N-O dock for a development of 385,82 m. by means of 12 reinforced concrete cellular cassions with semi-reflecting facing, plunged at a depth of –18.00 m on the sea level and measuring 32,06 x 12,09 x 19,00 m filled in the same way as the head cassions;
• Rocks made of cls in the connection section between the existing N-O at a depth from –15.00 m on the sea level to –18.00 m on the sea level;
• cls superstructure at a depth of +2,50 m on the sea level supporting the runways, the furnishing and the service distribution lines;
• construction of an embankment near the cassions corresponding to a surface of ~ 36.000 square meters, paved and equipped with primary urbanization structures.



Harbour of Savona - Rinfuse. Modernization of the Rinfuse Installations of the High Depths Savona Basin - civil structures.
The concerned work implies the construction of all the civil and marine structures concerning the modernization of the rinfuse installations on the new Borselli dock’s enlargement .
The types of chosen constructions are the following ones:
• seven tanks made of reinforced concrete prefabricated cellular cassions sunk on a coarse crushed aggregate layer of 50/80 mm, laid on a tout-venant layer with changeable thickness according to the sea bottom’s depth;
• construction of a reinforced concrete beam for the runway on the tanks side of the scoop discharger;
These works were preceded by dredging operations to enable the anchoring of the 4 cassions of the old pier.



Savona – 3rd cruise ships docking. Construction of the third cruise ships docking in the harbour of Savona.
The works imply the construction of the third cruise ships docking in the areas previously occupied by the docks in the area n° 7 and 7-8 of the harbour basin of Savona. It is a new straight dock around 300 m long linked on the North-East side to the wharf in the area 8 and on the North-West side to the wharf in the area 6. At the new docking’s root a projection shaped as an “Y” was shape, it is 55,5 m long on the one side and 32 m on the other side. To obtain the needed area for the cruise ships tourist traffic the building “ex storehouse cellulose” was demolished thus making room for a yard of about 7600 square meters
The first section of the docking was built through a filling by means of reinforced concrete cellular cassions and the second section through the demolition of the former dock after making a barrier and the third and last section through the pile-driving by adding some linking beams.