Sea Works: Case History

Italy, Reggio Calabria – Construction of the industrial harbour of Saline Joniche E-mail


Within the construction of the Industrial centre of Saline Joniche the industrial harbour was built, too.
This intervention implied the construction of the breakwtaer, the under-billow pier, the shore wharf and the visible basin’s docks of the harbour and includes:
• the construction and laying of 24 reinforced concrete cellular cassions measuring from 27,34 m. to 12,16 x 15,25 m. and 1 cassions measuring 29,75 x 16,19:, plunged on a riprap bed at a depth of -16,00, -13,20 and -12,00;
•the construction of the superstructure and the waves protection wall;
• the construction and laying of 5.500 dolos elements that weight 15 tons each for the mattress;
• the construction and laying of 2.200 concrete artificial rocks;
• the preparation of beds and reefs.