Sea Works: Case History

Italy, Rossano Calabro – thermoelectric power plant: changes to the existing plant E-mail

The works regarding the environmental organization and development of the thermoelectric power plant of Rossano Calabro include the following interventions:
• laying of around 600 ml of steel pipelines with multiple plates ARC - SIPRA type with a diameter of 3200 mm for the construction of 4 new feed water pipes to the stilling pool. The inlets are placed at the bathymetric point with an axle base of 8 m;
• demolition of the existing reinforced concrete structure that links the external pipelines to the diffuser and construction of a new structure linking either the old or the new pipelines to the same diffuser;
•construction of a connection channel between the emergency intake and the stilling pool;
• construction of the protection system of the new sea pipelines;
• construction of other civil structure