Sea Works: Case History

Italy, Livorno – Construction of the Italia Pier E-mail


Construction of the Molo Italia next to the Calata Alto Fondale in the Livorno Harbour.
The concerned works are related to the needed materials used to build the New Pier Italia in the Livorno harbour. The work has a volume of 1030 m; 950 of which have been realized by means of cellular cassions and the remaining ones by means of a cofferdam driving .
Near the end of the protection dock of the Calafati Basin and the front side of the Montano Shipyards that are located on a very low depth, the connection with the New Pier Italia was performed by means of metallic cofferdam on both sides and a ramp connecting the store yard of the New Pier (elevation +2.5 m) to the country floor (~ +2.0) of the Montano Shipyards.
The runways are supported directly put on the docks’ cassions while the internal rail’s runway was made by means of concrete beam and foundation piles with a big diameter.
For the ships’ docking and berth some rubber fenders and cast iron mooring bitts were used.
The embankment under the store yards was made with a mix of quarry up to +0.50 m.
The flooring of the store yards was made with a bituminous conglomerate and a foundation layer of granulated mix.