Sea Works: Case History

Italy, Civitavecchia – Wall extension C. Colombo E-mail


The wall extension from 493,60 m to 862,60 m built together with other firms was developed with two different structures:
• the first section, from 493,60 to 604,60, has a reef structure on depths of -30 m. with a first category core covered with 2nd and 3rd category rocks. The sublevel is made of 3rd category rocks. The sea side is protected by a series of tetrapodes of 10 mc each that are laid on a berm at a depth of -12 m. that is 8 m wide, made of a number of tatrapodes of 4 mc each, and completed with a wall to protect it from waves with a trapezoidal shape, that is 5,00 wide at its bottom and 4,00 m. at its top. From the internal side there will be a docking with an infrastructure plunged at a depth of -7,50 m, made of concrete rocks and having the following dimensions: 2 x 7 x 2,50 m and 2 x 7 x 2,75 m.
• The second section, from 604,60 to 862,60, has a vertical wall structure made of 13 reinforced concrete cellular cassions measuring 20,00 x 21,50 x 19,00 and plunged at a depth of -18,50 m. on a first category rocks.