Sea Works: Case History

Italy, Bari – Western dock / Brindisi – Pier of Costa Morena E-mail


Harbour of Bari – Construction of docks and store yards in the Western dock.
The contract was taken to construct the docks and store yards in the Western basin of the harbour of Bari for 1053.35 meters, including the construction of the new docks with a linear development of 776 meters and the redevelopment and reorganization of the old pier. The new docks are made of 25 reinforced concrete cellular cassions that are 14,30 m high and have a slab that is 11,00 m wide and 29,815 m long and the elevation structure is 9,00 m wide, 1 cassion that is 11,77 m long and 9,00 m wide and 10,20 m. high The cassion’s face is at a depth of – 12,60 m while the taffarel massive reaches a level of +2,20 on the sea level.
In the area between the two new piers the filling to the level of +0,50 was completed by using dry quarry materials derived from demolitions.
The project also included the excavation of the sea bottom on a surface of around 38.000 square meters to enable the access to the new docks up to a depth of –12,00 from the sea level
The dredged sea bottom is made of the calcareous basement covered with a layer of sediments. To complete the work the flooring of the store yards was performed and the furnishing of the dock side, too.


Harbour of Brindisi Costa Morena – Functional works of the east side of the Pier of Costa Morena and dredging at a depth of -14,00 of the surrounding sea bottom.
The contract was taken to construct the structures of the East side of the Pier of Costa Morena and the dredging at a depth of –14 m of the surrounding sea bottom.
The main completed works are:
Underwater excavation for the laying of the cellular cassions of A and B type and dredging of the superficial layer (slime and sand materials) of the sheet of water for a quantity around 150.000 cubic meters;
• Construction at the GLF shipyard of Taranto, launching, transport and sinking of 8 reinforced concrete cellular cassions of A type having the following dimensions: m 24,73 x 10,00 x 15,30 m., used cls of Rck type 250N/mm² and FeB44ksteel and construction, launching and sinking of 17 reinforced concrete cellular cassions of B type having the following dimensions: 23.40 x 13,00 x 19,30 m., used cls of Rck type 250N/mm² and FeB44k steel;
• construction of the embankment between the existing coast line and the dock’s base and construction of the store yard behind the dock by means of cassions and the use of dry quarry materials;
• Construction of 556 m. of dock superstructure using reinforced concrete having the following dimensions: 5,90 x (h) 2,25 m. on average, on the reinforced concrete cassions, made using cls Rck 250N/mm² and FeB44k steel;
• Tank for the dredged materials covered with geo-fabric and geo-membrane for the waterproofing.




Harbour of Brindisi - LNG - EPC contract for the construction of an LNG Terminal.
The LNG terminal of Brindisi is located in the outside harbour of Brindisi in the area of Capobianco. The installation was designed to treat 6 billions of cubic metres of liquefied gas every year.
It was born on an area of around 140.000 square meters. It was created by means of the sea graving. The level of the filling area is at +3.50 m IGM, except the dock where the level reaches +5.00 m IGM.
The filling was performed by using tout-venant quarry materials 0-300 kg; on the North it will be delimited by reinforced concrete cellular cassions while on the East and on the West it will be protected by a suitable slope having the following features:
• Internal core made of quarry materials 0-900 kg up to the level of +1.0 m IGM;
• external mattress made of two layers of rocks from 1 to 3 tons up to the level +4.10 m IGM;
• Intermediate layer made of quarry materials, 50-500 kg .
Towards the ground the filling wire is protected by a layer of quarry materials of 50-500 kg .
The filling under the LNG tanks is made of sandy materials 0-12 mm thick that will be dynamically compacted.
The infrastructures for the docking and the downloading of gas boats include :
• A pier on a steel tubular pole ;
• A downloading platform that is part of the dock’s structure and that is fixed on steel tubular poles ;
• Four approaching dolphins ;
• Five mooring dolphins.
The 181 foundation poles have a diameter between 1066 mm and 1524 mm and a thickness between 20 and 25 mm and the pole’s length between 21 m and 54.5 m.
The project also imply the preparation of the loading and downloading water plugs that will be made of reinforced concrete inside the filling system