Sea Works: Case History

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A building yard with five platforms for the contemporary construction of three cassions measuring 15x15,12x15 and 9x15 was organized.
The works were interrupted when the war broke out when 1500 m. of dams had already been built.
When the new airport was built, the cassions, that were still in the middle of the sea were found in very good conditions so the ballasting sand was removed, anchored and brought back to be used again.
The cassions of the under-billow pier of Multedo weren’t removed, and with a development of 750 meters, they still delimit the harbour of Genoa on the Western side.
The basin was built in cooperation with the company SILM of Rome, to careen the old big transatlantic liners.
The walls were built in the sea by means of big cellular cassions that were brought there and then put on the rocky benthos that was previously prepared.
The cassions, equipped with a working chamber were deeply plunged into the sea by means of a compressed air excavation (45.000 mc) until they reached the compact rock, at a depth from -20 to -30 m. The working chambers were then filled with concrete.
After building the body sides, the head and the access groove it was possible to apply the boat-door thus enabling the draining of the floor area to built it in the open air.
The pump room was correctly arranged in a special cassion put next to the chamber and then completed.
Chamber’s dimensions: the safety groove is 278.25 m long and 40 m. wide, the depth of the chamber on a longitudinal axe is -14,25 m.
For the protection of the safety elongation on the eastern side of the airport’s runway (further 740 m. of runway) and the enlargement towards the sea of the metallurgical Installation of Genoa Cornigliano, the Cornigliano dam was built, that it’s partially the continuation of the airport dam and then going towards the South.
The dam is made of plunged cassions with a depth between -15,50 and -18,50 m., on bottoms that are deeper than 30 m.
The dam of Cornigliano represents one of the best examples of a working breakwater.
Dock to the Italsider installation of Cornigliano (Genoa)