Infrastructures: Case History

Italy – project / construction of new SS 195 Sulcitana, Cagliari – Pula E-mail





The new S.S.95 “Sulcitana” includes Lot 1 , Lot 3 and related works of “Opera Connessa Sud”.
Lot 1 includes the main axis project of SS 195 from km 10+200,00 to km 18 +350.00, with a length of 8.150 kilometers, within the Municipalities of Capoterra and Sarroch: the entire route of the main axis is developed mainly on new alignment.
This lot includes: 4 viaducts (Santa Lucia, San Girolamo, Baccalamanza and Su Spantu) 3 junctions (Inceneritore – Dorsale Casic, S.P.91 Capoterra and Su Loi-Villa d’Orri of which are designed just two branches, as the others fall in Lot 2 not included in the contract), that provides the Main Axis connection project to the existing roads, and secondary road network project that restores the continuity of the existing road interfered. 
Lot 3 includes the Main Axis project of the SS 195 from km 23+900.00 to km 30+011,74 with a length of approx. 6.112 km, within the Municipalities of Sarroch, Villa San Pietro and Pula. 
For this Lot is expected the adaptation of the existing road ( road named “Perimetrale consortile”) from km 23+900,00 to km 25+400,00, a new stretch of road from km 25+400,00 to km 29+060,40 and finally the upgrading of the existing roads from km 29+060,40 to km 30+011,71. 
For Lot 1 are expected: n. 1 viaduct (Rio Mannu) and n. 2 junctions (Sarroch and Villa San Pietro) which provide the connection with the existing roads of the Main Axis project and secondary roads project which restore the continuity of the existing roads interfered. 
Finally, concerning the “Opera Connessa Sud” which connects the new road with ex. S.S.195 includes two stretches: Section 1 which realizes, with a new viability, the link junction from “Inceneritore-Dorsale Casic” to the existing “Strada Dorsale Consortile” and the construction of one viaduct (Fascia Tubiera); Section 2 which provides for the upgrading of the existing “Strada Dorsale Consortile” from the end of Section 1 to the existing roundabout on the ex S.S.195.