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Egypt, Philae – Restoration, moving and saving of the monuments on the Philae island E-mail


EGYPT – Under the aegis of UNESCO, within the cooperative Consorzio Condotte-Mazzi entered into Grandi Lavori Fincosit S.p.A., the Company has performed the restoration and moving of the monuments on the Philae island, in Egypt, the last intervention of the Nubia monuments saving campaign. The intervention is related to the building of the Assuan dam that, although the presence of a first barrage, had flooded the island anyway. After performing the water separation and the draining, before and after the assembling, 1600 graphic sheets made of topographic measures and 15.000 photographs have been used. Afterwards 47.000 blocks that made the buildings have been removed, disassembled and numbered, Using the same techniques of the Ancient Egyptians, the buildings have been then rebuilt on the Agilkia island. The outcome was the admiration of the world.